PaperVision® Direct

Fast, easy document upload to the cloud.

What if you could include the critical business information you're currently storing in paper files in your cloud information management service?

Start scanning documents right at your desk! Scan, index, and organize paper documents using your existing scanners and multi-function devices (MFD) to create convenient digital files and securely upload them to the cloud.

How can PaperVision Direct help your business?

Save Money on Scanning

Get rid of pesky paper! Start scanning everything—right from your desktop. PaperVision Direct works with virtually any scanner or multi-function device, meaning you'll save money on hardware and document storage and security.

Upload Quickly and Effectively

Choose the PaperVision Direct version that matches your cloud service, to automate upload directly to either ImageSilo or You can send batches of files, and you can setup automation services to upload outside normal business hours so you save time.

Improve Document Security

Paper records can be compromised by wandering eyes or prying fingers as they're used around your office. Improve document security instantly by converting to digital, and locking information down the moment it crosses the scanner.

Eliminate Manual Indexing

Stop wasting time on manual data entry! Enter indexes automatically by matching data with an existing database or file, using barcode and OCR, or using Quick Click to simply click on the words you need in the scanned document. It doesn't get any easier!

Automate Document Processes

From indexing to upload, PaperVision Direct is packed with features that help you automatically complete document tasks. You'll be surprised by how much time and money you can save.

Trust the Industry Leader

Managing your information with means relying on more than twenty years of cloud expertise. You can rest easy trusting that your information is available when you need it, accessible from virtually any device or location, and always secure.

Add Scanning to any edition for as little as $30/month!