How It Works

Getting started is simple. Start managing your content in four easy steps.

1. Create a Project

A project is a logical grouping of documents based on a common indexing scheme. Create projects to efficiently sort your information, such as Accounts Payable or Human Resources.

2. Add Indexes

Projects support up to 200 named index fields. Easily organize data within your project by creating unique index fields, such as Invoice Number, Customer Name and Amount.

3. Upload Files

Add files to your project by simply dragging and dropping your documents into the project folder. After the upload is complete, you will be able to enter data into the index values you created within the project on step two.

4. Search

Perform a simple search within any project using keywords or index field values.

Advanced Features to Modernize Your Organization

Professional and Enterprise editions of offer advanced features.

Audit Trails

Track your users activity within your documents and restrict access to sensitive information.


Route documents through automated processes and share information between systems to increase efficiency.


Maintain regulatory compliance and protect your data with five levels of security.

Records Management

Control how long documents are retained and when they're destroyed.

Solutions for Every Business Process

Say goodbye to manual processes that are slowing down productivity in the office and costing you money. No matter your department, we can help you manage your information efficiently.

Solutions for Every Business Process
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Accounts Payable

Quickly and securely store invoices and speed processing to save money.

Human Resources

Lock down employment records to maintain privacy and streamline employee onboarding.


Retain and securely share student records while maintaining FERPA compliance.


Speed secure access to patient information when every minute could save a life.

Healthcare Claims

Automatically route claims through adjudication to speed collection and reimbursement.

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